Our Philosophy


Our values provide a philosophical framework that guides our work and provides definition to the grant making focus areas that are a priority to us. We focus our organization and our giving around four core values: holistic transformation, strategic effectiveness, thoughtful leadership, and responsible stewardship. These core values reflect our belief that the love and wisdom of Jesus Christ brings about transformative and beneficial change to all people’s lives, and in turn, the communities in which they also live and work. We seek to partner with organizations whose work is driven by these same core values.

Potential grant seekers should be able to demonstrate a history of success in fostering holistic transformation, strategic effectiveness, thoughtful leadership, and responsible stewardship in their own work in bettering people’s lives and their communities for the common good.

Holistic Transformation

We believe that when the gospel of grace and truth is presented and applied through loving words and deeds it can entirely transforms people’s lives spiritually, relationally, socially, and economically. As such the communities and institutions in which people live, work, relate, and engage, are similarly changed for the good. We desire to work with those who embrace a similar theory of change that is holistic and which aims to facilitate spiritual, emotional, intellectual, relational, financial, and social freedom and growth for the individual as well as the surrounding communities in which people live and work.


Strategic Effectiveness

We are looking to partner with organizations that have robust strategic planning with a track record of dynamic and effective change. We wish to assist and increase organizational capacity to facilitate positive change and transformation in the grant making focus areas that are a priority to us. Organizations that are proactively trying to prevent and overcome problems rather than merely alleviating problems will be given additional consideration. We are willing to fund things that others are not – things that may not be appealing to other donors, but could make a significant difference for a community. We also partner with other foundations with similar values and focus areas to leverage our philanthropic giving efforts and make a bigger impact.


Thoughtful Leadership

We value the efforts made by organizations to provide professional research, educational development, and thoughtful leadership that guides more effective transformation within the focused giving areas that are a priority to us. We also support organizations in their efforts to bring together leaders and professionals in creating more effective and productive strategies of change in our focused giving areas.


Responsible Stewardship

We desire to assist organizations that have demonstrated responsible stewardship of the resources entrusted to them for the purpose of advancing their mission. We will carefully assess the level of risk by conducting a robust due diligence and will make wise decisions that are based on all known facts and that ensure the best outcome for all parties. We also desire to measure the impact of our giving quantitatively and qualitatively by requiring a grant report within a year of funding that indicates whether the outcomes, milestones, and metrics laid out in the grant application proposal are being achieved.