Our Mission


The BridgeHead Foundation was formed in 2017 to assist Christian organizations in fulfilling the redemptive mission of the Gospel in bringing restoration of life to people and their communities through the thoughtful and strategic application of Christian values. We believe that the heart of the Christian message is to love our neighbor through acts of kindness, not simply through the temporary alleviation of human suffering and injustice, but enabling lasting holistic transformation that lifts the spiritual, economic, and social well being and dignity of all.

Our vision is to enable Christian organizations to cross barriers to greatness in the commission to transform people and nations. We partner with a broad range of non-profit organizations that share Christian values and help them overcome obstacles in accomplishing their mission to provide thoughtful leadership and strategic transformation to the people and communities they serve.

Our grants primarily focus on four areas: domestic development, education and training, biblical justice, and leadership development.

If your organization aligns with our mission and focus areas, please visit our Grant Programs page to view our grantmaking philosophy, and obtain details and timing in submitting an initial letter of inquiry.