Our Giving Focus


With so many genuine needs among Christian non-profit organizations we believe it is prudent to focus our giving on specific areas of need to increase the effectiveness of our grant making in bringing holistic and strategic transformation to people and the communities in which they live and work.

Our goal is to foster more thoughtful and strategic application of Christian values that restores spiritual growth, life-giving relationships, and healthy productivity. To accomplish this, we partner with organizations that are providing effective solutions to problems in four focus areas:


Domestic Social Development

We support social development organizations who are dedicated to creating national and local solutions to problems by providing programs and services in alleviating poverty, hunger, illiteracy, improving education, healthcare, and fostering the economic development of local communities.


Leadership Development

We support professional networks and organizations that bring together Christian leaders to encourage the development of thoughtful, strategic, and compassionate outreach in education, healthcare, business, and social services.


Education and Training

We support educational institutions as well as vocational and worldview training organizations who seek to make a strategic impact in society by training future Christian leaders to serve their local and national communities. We also support academic research that seeks to improve the effectiveness of outreach and development programs being carried out by Christian missions’ organizations.


Biblical Justice

We support organizations dedicated to the cause of fostering human rights and dignity, particularly those organizations whose programs address and reduce all forms of human trafficking and religious persecution.

Visit our featured grantees for more details about organizations BridgeHead Foundation has provided grants to.